Gym Rules


1.    No dropping, throwing, damaging, or misusing weights and equipment allowed.

2.    No outside equipment allowed within the facility.

3.    After use, please clean equipment.

4.    Weights must be re-racked by members.

5.    Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. Jeans, boots, dress shoes or sandals are not permitted on the workout floor, only workout pants/shorts and sneakers.

6.    No food is not permitted on the workout floor.

7.    True Fitness 365 is not responsible for members lost, misplaced, or stolen items. Members are responsible for securing their belongings.

8.    Be respectful at all times and treat staff and members with courtesy.

9.    Intimidating, threatening, and lewd behavior is not acceptable.

I further agree to comply with True Fitness 365 policies and gym rules that may be communicated to me from time to time either in writing, through signage, or verbally.